Company Overview


Garney Construction’s story begins in 1961, when Charles Garney left his father’s Kansas City plumbing business to start his own pipeline and utility construction company.

Over the next two decades, Garney expanded into related construction activities and other regions of the country. Soon, Garney was known as one of the nation’s leading contractors in water and wastewater systems. Our company’s growth is continually powered by employee-owners who embody the business integrity and excellence in service Charles Garney brought to the company more than half a century ago.


Garney Construction is a national leader in water and wastewater construction. Since 1961, we’ve focused on building water and wastewater systems of all sizes for municipal, federal, industrial, and private clients. We specialize in collaborative project delivery solutions, including CMAR and design-build, for our clients nationwide.

We are building the ideal employee owned company. By operating under Garney’s Goals & Philosophies, we have created a unique culture that revolves around ownership. Our customers and employee-owners embrace this culture and the result is growth and success. Growth creates opportunities for our employee-owners and provides them a fulfilling career. Success brings profitability which allows our employee-owners to retire securely. All of this while building systems that provide clean water for our communities. 100% employee owned—this is the Garney formula.

Ownership. Opportunity. Retirement Security.


  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Allow all employee-owners to achieve their full potential
  • Job security & ESOP perpetuation
  • Profitability
  • Service to our customers and the community
  • Integrity is the shortest path to success
  • Win/Win
  • Excellence is the standard
  • 100% employee owned

Community Involvement

Garney is committed to providing community support and charitable contributions that make a difference for our employee-owners, their families, our customers, and the communities in which we live and work.

As part of Garney’s charitable contribution match incentive, we will match personal monetary donations made by employee-owners to a charity/nonprofit organization of their choosing up to $250 per year.


You can build a life you love.

Build with us!
Building water and wastewater projects is truly satisfying, but at Garney we understand there is more to life than construction work.

Our primary purpose is building the ideal employee owned company – a company that provides our employee-owners with opportunities to advance in their careers, take pride in their jobs, and invest in their personal lives.

We do this by adhering to a powerful set of goals and philosophies that influence the way we work and live each day.

Our Passion is Water. This is Why We Build.
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Garney Construction
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